Y2 - Hatton Art Gallery


May 2024

3rd May 2024

On Friday 3rd May, Year 2 walked to Newcastle University to visit the Hatton Art Gallery. We met Hazel who guided us around the gallery and led our art session. We were first shown work from Vija Celmins, who created works about the natural world such as spider webs, deserts, the sea and space. 
We moved on to the next gallery to look at 3D artwork from an artist called Katie Cuddon. We particularly enjoyed looking at the alphabet created in Clay, but how it had been made to look like a child had created it. 
In our art session, we were tasked to create a space painting in the style of Vija Clemins. We used paints to create shooting stars and then flicked paint on to the paper to create the image of stars. When we had completed one of these, we had the opportunity to use our own imaginations to create our own space paintings - aliens, rockets, planets, the Milky Way and much more.