At Our Lady and St. Anne’s, we aim to provide our learners with a coherently planned sequence of lessons. This enables the teachers to ensure that the skills and concepts of a historian are taught and the children develop skills which are transferrable across history and the rest of the curriculum. 

The key skills in history are:

  •        historical interpretation
  •        historical investigation
  •        chronological understanding
  •        knowledge and understanding of events, people and changes in the past
  •        Causation – the relationship between events where one thing occurs because of another
  •        presentation and communication of information


In EYFS our children are taught history through knowledge and understanding of the world. This involves guiding the children to make sense of their physical surroundings where exploration and investigation play a vital part in shaping their knowledge, understanding and communication of the world.

In KS1, recent history is taught through topics such as toys, the monarchy and transport. This allows the children to understand the changes within living memory (of their own, parents, grandparents). This allows the children to grasp the concept of time as well as being able to recognise that things are the same and yet different e.g., we still have a monarch but there is now a king on the throne while prior to this it was a queen.

In KS2, specific eras of the Ancient World and of the United Kingdom are taught chronologically. In Upper KS2, history is taught through a theme over an extended period of time. e.g., Conflict through time which includes: -

  •        Prehistoric warfare
  •        Romans and Greek Warfare
  •        Anglo-Saxons and Vikings
  •        Religious Wars – The Crusades
  •        Modern warfare WW1 and 2

This allows us to embed a sense of chronology and how civilisations across the world are connected.




At Our Lady and St. Anne’s, KS2 history follows a scheme of work planned and produced by the Bishop Bewick Catholic Trust. Knowledge and skills are taught simultaneously with the skills progressing as the children move through the school. Our lesson plans and resources help the children develop an understanding of the different time as well as being able consolidate the historical skills learnt in prior key stages and years. The Trust’s scheme is modelled on the aims and objectives of the National Curriculum. 

KS1 and EYFS currently follow the school’s own scheme which is based upon the National Curriculum and linked with geography and science programmes of study.

Key vocabulary is built into each lesson and allows the children to be able to explain concepts with greater clarity.

Historical concepts are explored through a mixture of independent, paired and group work. Activities are varied and use artefacts as well as original and secondary resources. These develop and reinforce an understanding of historical enquiry.




The impact of using a full range of resources, including display materials will be seen to increase the profile of history in school. The skills taught are transferrable to other subjects and will strengthen and develop the whole curriculum as well as enabling the children to become more confident learners.   This will also be reflected in the range of historical vocabulary developed throughout the Key Stages.