Schools of Sanctuary

At Our Lady and St Anne’s, we are currently applying to become a School of Sanctuary.

A School of Sanctuary is a place that fosters a culture of welcome and safety for people seeking sanctuary.  It is a school which educates their community about the human right to sanctuary, build empathy and intercultural awareness through promoting the voices and contributions of those seeking sanctuary. A School of Sanctuary encourages an awareness of the experiences that people face in order to reach sanctuary, helps to combat prejudice and challenges those stereotypes which can be linked to those seeking sanctuary.

At our school, we want all of our children to be confident, happy, and respectful individuals. We encourage everyone to become active learners, critical thinkers and problem solvers. We provide a language-rich curriculum that will strengthen resilience, foster ambition, remove barriers and increase experiences so that all our children can achieve their potential. Within our school we celebrate our diversity. With a multicultural community of pupils and their families, a mix of religions and over 40 languages spoken, we pride ourselves on being a school which is inclusive and welcoming to all.