Cultural Capital

Here at Our Lady & St Anne’s RC Primary School we are proud of the cultural experiences and knowledge that we provide our children with to further their education, careers and social development. We consider it vital to boost their cultural capital.

Ofsted describe cultural capital as “…the essential knowledge that pupils need to be educated citizens, introducing them to the best that has been thought and said and helping to engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement” (Ofsted, 2019).

In order to achieve this, in the words of a local art educator and consultant, we believe our children “…should sing, they should dance, they should twist, they should turn, they should rock and roll, they should imagine, and then script their stories and act them out, they should use their hands to twist, to bend, to shape, to mould, to feel, to cut, to tear, to form, to join, to draw, to paint and to make” (Coles, S, 2019).

Here is how we do all this…