This Week's News


January 17th 2020

We are now back in “full swing” and the holidays are a distant memory. This week clubs were back on.

We receive regular updates from the Department for Education and we recently discovered that our amazing results last year put us 19th out of the 20, 553 primary schools in England for progress in Reading and 169th for progress in Maths.

On Wednesday, Year 1 visited Scotswood Nature Garden. Thanks to those parents who were able to come. Reception Class did some training on Balance Bikes. After school football club started again. Mr Scurr is now going to take over from Mr Ramsey. College Club also started up again.

On Wednesday, Year 6 took part in a “Smart Walker” initiative, learning how to keep themselves safe out on the streets, when they are walking.

Whole school attendance was only slightly better than the previous week – 95.91% with only 4 classes above the magical 95%. Since the start of term, whole school attendance now stands at 95.51%. We need your support in getting your children to attend as often as possible. The best attenders last week were Year 4, with 98.06%. Year 4, the best KS2 attenders and stars of the week from Years 3, 5 and 6 will be on top yard next Monday, weather permitting.

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