This Week's News


May 7th 2021

It has been another busy week in school this week! Miss Wood managed to secure us some Ozobots to use. Each class took it in turns to have a go at using the Ozobots and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Mr Hughes has also been in school this week, showing some classes some exciting new technology such as Microbits. Year 5 had a really positive session and Mr Hughes had nothing but wonderful things to say about how the class approached their learning; well done Year 5.

EYFS enjoyed a 'Careers Day' on Friday where they all dressed up as someone they aspire to be when they are older. It was lovely to hear the children talk about their aspirations and goals!

Unfortunately, parking is still a major issue. School will not take responsibility for any fines parents receive due to inappropriate parking. We did notice enforcement officers back out on patrol earlier in the week. In addition, please can we ask that parents escort children to the school entrance to ensure their safety.

Please continue to wear face coverings to protect yourself and our staff.

We had an issue with online safety last week. Please read the information on Parent Hub and spend time talking to your child about how to keep themselves and others safe whilst using the internet. 

Overall, whole school attendance in the past week was 97.44% which is an improvement from last week’s attendance. The lowest attenders were Year 4, with 95%. The best attenders this week were Year 5 with another fantastic 100%. Since September, whole school attendance stands at 96.55%. Well done everyone, and keep this up!

Please click on the link on my main page to see this week’s assembly.

Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you all on Monday 10th May.

Mrs Henzell