This Week's News


September 25th 2020

I can’t believe that we have only been back for three weeks! The children and staff are so happy to be back and the new routines are well understood so we are confident that we are doing all we can to keep everyone safe.

The Nursery children have settled unbelievably well, considering this is only their second week. They all stay for the whole day, including lunch. I think this is the earliest we have ever managed to have everyone stay for the full day.

The children in Reception Class have also settled beautifully, and it is a real pleasure to see them all happily at work and play. We are blessed with some amazing staff, who are doing a fantastic job!

Thank you for your support in only arriving a minute or so before your time slot. It is very important that we don’t create crowds of people at the gates. This will be particularly relevant as the weather gets colder, as we don’t want people freezing outside!

This afternoon, I am holding another Teams assembly from my office.

Whole school attendance was down a little, with the advent of autumn coughs and higher temperatures. Overall, we had 94.00% attendance. The lowest attenders were Year 1 with 89.31%. The best attenders this week were Year 3 with 98.59%. Since September, whole school attendance stands at 96.41%, which is good. Well done everyone, and keep this up!

Please click on the link on my main page to see this week’s assembly.