This Week's News


November 8th 2019

Welcome back after the half-term holiday. I hope the break has given you all the opportunity to get rid of all the bugs and germs that were circulating and everyone is refreshed.

As usual, it has been a really busy week!

On Monday, Juicy Club started again.

On Tuesday, Year 1 visited Safety Works, and had a brilliant session on keeping themselves safe.

On Wednesday morning, Year 1 visited the Hatton Gallery, for the Roy Lichtenstein exhibition, and Year 2 went to Safety Works. Our After-School Football and College Clubs resumed.

On Thursday, I was so impressed at the turnout for the EYFS and Year 1 Reading Workshop. Lesly Cook, who ran the session, was amazed at the turnout, the enthusiasm and the quality of the questions from the parents who could make it. Thanks to you all and thanks to Mrs Milligan for organising! After school on Thursday, Girls’ Aspire Club resumed.

Today, Year 5 visited the Live Theatre on the Quayside and Year 3 visited the Hatton Gallery.

Next Friday is Children in Need. The children are invited to wear pyjamas to school, for a £1 minimum donation. You should have received a Parent Hub with a link to the Children in Need donation website, our preferred method of donation.

After the half-term break, attendance is beginning to recover. The whole school attendance was 97%, with only 2 classes dipping below 95%. Since the start of term, whole school attendance has dropped to 95.15%. I am aware of illness before the break so thank you for your support in getting your children back as soon as possible. The best attenders were Year 1, with 100%. Year 6, the best KS2 attenders and stars of the week from Years 3, 4 and 5 will be on top yard next Monday.

Please click on the link on my main page to see this week’s assembly.