This Week's News


December 11th 2020

You may have heard or read in the news that the government is encouraging schools to close on Thursday. However, having consulted with a variety of stakeholders, including other Catholic schools in Newcastle, we have decided to remain open. However, we have decided to finish an hour early to help us get the classrooms ready for deep cleaning.

During the Christmas holiday, if your child teste positive for COVID-19, you have a responsibility to inform us, using, but only until Christmas Eve, December 24th. This is to allow us to contact any close contacts of the positive case. Any cases from Christmas Day onwards would mean the virus could not have been transmitted in school, so Public Health would need to be informed and not school.

This week, we needed to close the Year 5 bubble, as a member of staff had tested positive. Remote learning opportunities have been arranged. The reduction to the isolation period means they will return on Tuesday 15th December.

Please keep in your prayers Mrs Baker, our former Assistant Head, and her family. Sadly, her father passed away recently. His funeral will take place on December 23rd and Miss Hodgson and I have been invited to attend, so we will be representing the school.

Thanks to everyone, who donated to the foodbank, as part of our Reverse Advent Calendar. I was overwhelmed at the amount of food we collected. The foodbank sent a van to collect it on Wednesday.

Raffle tickets are now on sale for chocolate and drinks hampers. They will be drawn on Thursday 17th December, in my final assembly of the year, along with the Name the Teddy.

Sunday is the third Sunday of Advent. As we are not allowed to have more than one class in the hall, the usual Advent liturgies need to be different, this year. I am including an Advent element in my usual Friday assemblies, which take place remotely.

Last week, we started our Christmas parties. This year, we have had to plan only one class party per day, due to our risk assessments and the fact that only one class can use the hall per day.

Our attendance dipped in the past week. Children who are self-isolating have a special code on the register and are not included in the figures. Overall, whole school attendance in the past week was 94.65%. The lowest attenders were Year 2, with 87.59%. The best attenders this week were Years 4 and 6 with 99.32%. Since September, whole school attendance stands at 96.75%, which is superb. Well done everyone, and keep this up!

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