This Week's News


May 18th 2018

Well done to Year 6 students who, for the second week in a row, have achieved 100% attendance. They have gone to Blyth beach today and they certainly deserve it for their fantastic efforts during the build up to SATs and the week itself. Thanks you to Mrs Baker, Mrs Clamp and all the staff who have helped the children so far. We eagerly await the results being released on 10th July!

Please continue to keep Year 2 in your prayers as they continue with their more informal tests.

I am aware that Ramadan has started and some children are starting to ask about fasting. My view is all of our children are too young just now. I admire those who want to fast and to feel more grown up but empty stomachs can affect children’s concentration and learning. My best advice is if older children want to try, let them fast at the weekend or holidays when you can monitor how they are feeling. It is especially difficult when Ramadan falls in British summertime and the days are long!

After school on Tuesday, the teachers had some training in outdoor education as we tried out some of the activities we will be using with the children. Several parents, collecting their children from clubs, got a chance to see just how competitive the teachers are (apart from me, of course!)

On Wednesday, Mrs Clamp and I took half of Year 3 and half of Year 4 to Walkerdome for a Team Games Festival. It was brilliant and I was so proud of the children who attended. I am sure they slept well on Wednesday night! At the same time, Mrs Pickering did some outdoor education in school with the remaining children. She did some of the activities we had been trained on the previous evening. Miss Compton did some during Aspire and the children loved them!

The First Holy Communion group had their last session yesterday evening to finalise the practical arrangements. First Communion Mass is at 10 a.m. on Saturday 18th May. A huge thank you to Ms Donnelly, Mrs C. Baker and Mrs Oakes for preparing the children in the last few months. The “Going Forth” Mass takes place on Sunday 20th May, also at 10 a.m. at the Cathedral. The children will have the chance to wear their special clothes once again and the parishioners will be there to support them.

Once again, attendance was excellent last week. Whole school attendance was 97.31%. The best attenders were Year 6 with 100% (second week in a row!). This is brilliant! Overall attendance since September stands at 96.5% and is slowly rising. We are below 97, which is our ambitious target, but if we can keep these levels up we might achieve it by July! Thank you for your support in trying to make it rise. It is working!

Please click on the link from this page to see the award winners from this week’s term assembly.