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July 12th 2019

I will update my message on Monday 15th July, as I am at a conference on Friday.

July 5th 2019

Last week, due to the summer fair, assembly didn’t take place, nor did my weekly message, so here is a catch-up for the last two weeks.

On Monday 24th June, Year 6 attended the annual festival day at the Youth Village and they had a great time. On the same day we appointed a new teacher, Miss Wood, who will be teaching in Year 1 in September.

On Wednesday of the same week, Year 2 visited Souter Lighthouse. We also had an “Operation Encompass” drop-in session followed by some PHSCE work, led by Northumbria Police, with Years 4 and 5. These lessons were very successful.

On Thursday, Year 2 visited Dippy the Dinosaur at the Great North Museum.

On Friday, we had two very successful sports day events for EYFS and KS1 and then for KS2. This was followed by the amazing summer fair, which was a wonderful occasion. Thanks to all who contributed and attended.

Last Monday was the first day in July. I really don’t know where the school year has gone! The process of transition to high schools started and will be ongoing until next Friday.

On Wednesday, the first day of two transition days for Year 6 children moving to the Catholic High Schools took place. In our school, we had our “moving up day,” when all children spent the day in their new classes to prepare them for September. It was a huge success.

Yesterday, Year 1 went to see Dippy the Dinosaur and had a lovely time. I went with Mrs Baker, Mrs Clamp and our Year 6 children for the Leavers’ Mass at the Cathedral. It was a beautiful event, celebrated by our new bishop.

Today, Ms Donnelly took some of our Year 4 and 5 children to First Friday Mass at St. Joseph’s Care Home. The children spent some time after Mass talking to some of the residents, who loved the experience. Ms Donnelly told me she could not have been prouder and awarded 3 platinum cards!

Last week’s attendance dipped. Our whole school attendance figure was 96.33%. Three classes were below 95.00%. Year 3 were the best attenders with 99.33%. Our whole school attendance since September now stands at 97.32%. We all need to try hard to get above 98%, which would be fantastic!

Please click on the link from this page to see the award winners from this week’s achievement assembly.