This Week's News


September 13th 2019

A special welcome to any families who are new to the school, especially in Nursery and Reception Class. Thank you for choosing the best school in the area! I have spent some time already in Nursery and Reception Class and the children are lovely and already very settled.

This was our first full week back in school so, for some people, it has felt like a long week! However, it is lovely to be back in full swing. Nursery and Reception children have settled beautifully, in the main.

On Monday, our first “Juicy” training took place after school.

On Tuesday, Stacey from Year 6 took part in the trials for Newcastle Under 11 Girls’ Football. She impressed so much she made it to the second evening, next Tuesday. Well done Stacey.

On Wednesday we had further playground leader training for some of our children, who do an amazing job to help playtime run smoothly. Mr Ramsey started his after-school football club for years 4 and 5. Well done to the first star of the session, Ayaan in Year 5.

On Wednesday, following a long summer holiday, it was a real joy to welcome the children back.

On Thursday, Year 2 enjoyed a great visit to the Castle Keep. After school on Thursday, the first Judo Club took place. I was very impressed at the skills I observed. Well done to Ajmain and Henriett for winning the weekly trophies for attitude.

Today, the children have been treated to a superb play, “The Railway Children” by Mand M Productions. Even Reception and Nursery joined as, at such an early stage of the term, and the vast majority of them were enthralled. I was very proud. The actors commented afterwards about the attitude of the children. Today, in assembly, Christopher and Brianna, have been appointed as Chief Playground Leaders, having succeeded in the application process. Well done!

Attendance for the first full week has been a little disappointing. The whole school attendance was 96.87%, which is better than last week. Since the start of term, whole school attendance stands at 96.52% In the past week only one class (Y5) dipped below 95%. The best attenders were Year 2 with 99.32%. Only one person missed one day! I do hope we can continue to improve upon this figure in the coming weeks.

Next Tuesday, there will be the first parents’ evening of the year. This will be an opportunity for parents to receive information from their teachers about expectations and how we can work together to support your children’s education. We hope as many people as possible can attend.

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