This Week's News


March 16th 2018

I am very impressed with the quality of our new style newsletter. We have received a great deal of positive feedback. Thanks for that and thanks to our two governors, Mr Stolliday and Mrs Vincent, for heading up this work.

Wake Up Shake Up is becoming more popular but we can fit even more into our hall. Please encourage your children to take part every day. Please note we have introduced the cut-off time to encourage children to get here for the start. Sometimes, children were joining us for the cool down only, which is not the idea of the fitness programme.

On Monday, children from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 were treated to a Judo presentation to publicise the forthcoming Judo Club.

On Tuesday, Year 3 visited Discovery Museum for a Science workshop. We also had our Parents’ Evening, which was a very positive occasion. Thanks to everyone who was able to attend.

On Wednesday, Years 4 and 5 visited Discovery to do some Science. There were some amazing circuits and bulbs on display when the children returned! Also on Wednesday, Year 3 were taught scooter safety on the school yard.

On Thursday, Year 4 braved the awful weather conditions to take part in the Seeds For Life event.

Today Year 6 took part in a Science event at Discovery Museum. Thanks you Miss Justice, for organising all these wonderful Science activities!

Attendance is starting to show improvement. Whole school attendance last week was 96.02% and only two classes were below 95%. The best attenders were Year 4 with 98.06%. Overall attendance since September stands at 96.48%. We have now dipped below 97, which is our target, but we are creeping back up again. Thank you for your support in trying to make it rise.

Please click on the link from this page to see the award winners from this week’s assembly.