This Week's News


November 16th 2018

Welcome back to the second half of the autumn term! Apologies for the delay in posting my weekly message. I was at a conference on Thursday and Friday of last week and fully intended to post this message last Monday. Unfortunately, once you have turned 30, your memory isn’t what it used to be! I have included the power points from the first two weeks back, which you can access by following the link below.

On Monday 5th November, when we returned, Nursery, Reception and Year 1 received Road Safety training.

On Tuesday 6th November, Years 1 and 2 visited St. Mary’s Cathedral, where Fr Simon “baptised” a doll as part of their R.E. topic. It was a beautiful occasion!

On Thursday, our new netball club started. It was a week before some of our other clubs because the teachers were booked on a training course after school on Thursday 15th November and we didn’t want the children to miss out. Please take care not to walk through the netball court if this club is taking place.

On Friday I attended the diocesan conference and was very grateful that Mrs Baker led my usual Friday assembly.

This Monday, my liturgy started with some work on Remembrance Day and the centenary of the end of the First World War. Thanks to all who contributed and helped to sell poppies, rulers, pencils, rubbers etc. I think the collection jar is the heaviest I have known in school. Year 5 went to the Vue in Gateshead to see “The Greatest Showman” during National Cinema Week. Miss Elliott and Mrs Khanom were delighted with the behaviour of the children, who were a real credit to the school. Well done, Year 5!

On Tuesday afternoon, Year 4 did some skipping training in preparation for the forthcoming festival they have entered. I was very impressed at the skill level and enthusiasm of the children.

On Wednesday, Year 2 went to the cinema. Again, the behaviour was exemplary and Miss Justice and Mrs Rayaz were thrilled. Year 6 went to Sacred Heart High School to see Jay the Animal Man and his exotic animals. Jay commented on how well behaved Year 6 were and he was really taken by the enthusiasm of some of our children. In the afternoon, we were joined by Mr Willcock, who led our assembly about “Mini Vinnies.” This is the society of St Vincent de Paul, or SVP. We are hoping to set up a team of Mini Vinnies, whose job will be to make sure our children and families carry out good deeds for others. More information will follow next week.

Yesterday, we had our Maths morning, when parents were invited in to see Maths lessons taking place. It was very positive, with over 70 parents in attendance. Thanks to those people who were able to join us. I hope you learned something about how we currently teach Maths in school. Thanks to Mrs Baker for organising the event during our Maths week in school.

Yesterday Year 3 had their “Smart Scooter” training about how to ride a scooter and keep safe.

Today was non-uniform day for the Christmas Fair, which is now 3 weeks away. Many thanks for the donations of chocolate to support the fair. All proceeds go to making things better for your children! This morning, Year 6 went to the cinema and, as expected, behaviour was superb!

Please help us by continuing to support our attendance initiatives. Your support has been amazing so far. Attendance has continued to be superb since the half-term break. In the first week back, whole school attendance was 98.28%, with Year 1 achieving 100%. Last week’s whole school attendance was 98.94%. Every class achieved at least 96%.  Year 4  were the best attenders last week with 100%. This is unbelievable! Since the beginning of the academic year, whole school attendance stands at 98.39%,! THANKS AGAIN!!!

Please click on the link from this page to see the award winners from last week and this week’s achievement assembly.