Behaviour at OLSA

Our Lady and St Anne's Steps to Outstanding Behaviour
Be kind and treat everyone like you want to be treated
Listen with respect
Keep yourself and others safe
Be truthful
Take care of everything in our school - inside and out
The New Behaviour System
This term we have exciting developments for behaviour at Our Lady and St Anne's RC Primary School.
During the autumn term, everyone at school talked about what good and bad behaviour is. 
We have come up with 5 STEPS to follow to ensure outstanding behaviour in and out of school.
These were created by all teaching staff, lunchtime supervisors, administration staff, governors, senior leaders, parents and the children.
We will be implementing these steps throughout the term and asking EVERYONE at school to learn them and embed them in our everyday actions. 
During the spring term we will hold a parents'coffee morning to provide more information. In the meantime, please talk to your children about this exciting new system which will help us all to be the best we can be.